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The Bebras challenge has started!

You can still join and participate until the last day of the competition. The competition in 2022-2023 will run from:

These dates include the 23rd!

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Come join us as we challenge you and your students to solve our many computational thinking-related puzzles and questions, and do your best to answer as many as possible! You'll even get a certificate!

Want to get ahead of the game and get some practice in before the real challenge? Then try your hand at our practice challenge. Filled with Computational Thinking-related puzzles and questions for all ages and difficulties!


Did you know that teachers who register themselves as a coordinator have the ability to make their own quizzes? To register your students, view results and download certificates, you'll have to register as a coordinator! Just check out the registration page:


Teachers who participated in previous years can access last year's results by going to their coordinator page, but beware! The results will only be accessible until the end of the summer [31-08-2022]. After that, we'll be deleting them to make sure we keep up with our privacy policy.

Looking to participate as a student, but not sure how to join? Ask your teacher to register as a coordinator!

About the challenge

The Bebras challenge is designed to help students explorer their talents and passion for informatics and computational thinking with engaging challenges. Participating in the challenge is free and the tasks can all be completed without any preparation or studying. Students from 6 to 18 years old work through a set of tasks that focus on different topics and skills within informatics and computational thinking. They will have 45 minutes to complete as many tasks as they can, they are not expected to finish them all. The challenge has six different age categories with each their own set of tasks to keep things exciting and challenging for all students:

Kits (age 6-8)
Castors (age 8-10)
Benjamins (age 10-12)
Cadets (age 12-14)
Juniors (age 14-16)
Seniors (age 16-18)

Each group will get 3 sets of 5 tasks (except the youngest two groups, they will get 3 sets of 3 tasks and 3 sets of 4 tasks respectively). The 3 sets each have a level of difficulty: easy, medium or hard.

In some regions we will hold regional finals if the COVID guidelines allow. The best students from each age group in that region will be invited to spend a day at a university working on more exciting tasks.

About Bebras®

The Bebras® Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students.
It is organized in over 30 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing.
Each participant gets 45 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on computational and logical thinking.
It is completed online in your own school and it shows to school and student how well their skills are developed.

What teachers say about the challenge:
“I just want to say how much the children are enjoying this competition. It is the first year we have entered, and I have students aged 8 to 11 participating in my ICT lessons, with some of our older students also taking on the challenges. It is really helping to challenge their thinking, and they are showing great determination to try and complete each task! Also fantastic to find something that works on our iPads, as most puzzles of this kind are flash based.”

“Our students completed the challenge this morning, I just wanted to say thank you for running this. It’s a brilliant idea!”